The preservation of our environment through thoughtful gardening will be the focus of the Bridgewater/Roxbury garden club in March, featuring organic landscape designer Camilla Worden and her presentation Landscaping for a Sustainable Environment.

With over 20 years experience in landscape design, Ms. Worden has a BA in chemistry from Rutgers University and an MBA from NYU.  Working through her company, Camilla Landscape Design LLC, she is committed to promoting organic and ecologically sensitive practices and holds a Landscape Design Certificate from The New York Botanical Garden.  A member of the Ecological Landscapers Association, she is on the board of the Danbury Land Trust, and on the Organic Land Care advisory board of NOFA, an organization that is dedicated to strengthening ecologically sound farming and gardening. Her recent accomplishments include an award-winning ecological redesign of a corporate park in Purchase, NY and a lakeside buffer planting for the Lake Kenosia Commission in Danbury.

Gardening is now the most popular hobby in the country and it is Camilla Worden’s strong belief that gardeners who love and appreciate nature are in the best position to contribute to the slowing of global climate change.  “Sustainable is attainable”, she urges, “if we shift our focus from gardening to earth stewardship.  What we do in our own backyards will make a difference”.  She will offer strategies and practical tips to help everyone learn how to preserve the environment for future generations and create more than just a pretty garden.

Ms. Worden’s talk will take place at St. Mark’s Church Hall in Bridgewater, CT on March 14 at 11 am.