We have a great need to socialize yet WE RELISH OUR PRIVACY and quiet time.

Here are some of the requests we have satisfied:

  1. “I work hard – I just want to come home and relax in my backyard.”

Solution: Dense screening hedge of either Norway Spruce, staggered, or mixed evergreens such as hemlock, holly, cedar and arborvitae, depending on light, soil moisture and deer pressure.


  1. “I just want something pretty to look at.”

Solution: Focus the view. A clipped dark green hedge of yew around the backyard that forms a backdrop from which to set off a beautiful perennial border.   OR

A mix of flowering trees and shrubs along the sides of the property that blocks the view of the neighboring houses and draws the eye to the backyard entertainment area.

A Place to Relax

  1. “I can‘t stand the traffic noise at rush hour.”

Solution: Solid board fencing lined with plantings that “soften” the fence, such as rose, lilac, hydrangea, and grasses, to name a few. While a row of evergreens can help to muffle noise, solid fencing or stone walls provide better noise control, in general.


  1. “It’s too windy up here.”

Solution: Staggered rows or groupings of evergreens, sited on the northwest side of the property, help to break up surging gusts and mitigate the airflow. Maximum wind protection occurs in a range that is 5 to 8 times the height of the plant.


  1. “I don’t want to feel boxed in.”

Solution: Open and airy screening, such as a trellis covered with flowering vines, or a tree carefully sited to block a bad view only from a particular vantage point.


A garden with strong architectural lines such as a boxwood parterre with a stunning sculpture or focal point that commands attention.


  1. “I don’t have much room but want some privacy.”

Solution: “Living walls”, only 6” wide, provide a textural tapestry with low-maintenance plants such as sedums and grasses. OR

Create lower-scale screening, dividing the landscape into rooms.

  1. “I care about the environment and animals and don’t want to exclude them from my property, but I don’t want everything wide open.”

Solution: Mixed native plantings with hedgerows for habitat. Tall prairie grasses. Create a savannah with a few selected trees.




  1. “I don’t want to spend a fortune.” OR

“I’m old and don’t have much time left!! Get me something to grow QUICK!!”


Fast growing evergreens such as Leyland Cypress (coastal regions) or fastigiate White Pines. Inexpensive bushes that grow rapidly such as forsythia and Rose-of-Sharon. Young birches planted tightly and clipped into a hedge. Shrubby red- and yellow-twig dogwoods for the wet areas.

Weigela can make an attractive, fast-growing hedge.