Climate change is here. There will be a continuation of variable and intense weather in the northeast – droughts AND floods – according to the scientific models. There will be changes in the composition of the types of trees in our forests, new insect threats and more invasive species. While predictions vary, it is clear that we can help by keeping the earth covered, planting a diversity of species which take a broad range of conditions, and by planting our properties with tough, local natives.

Managing pests and plant diseases is an essential part of landscape maintenance. This Idea Exchange offers a chance for you and our panelists to share information on new insects and disease that are showing up in the Northeast and to address strategies and methods of treatment. What new problems are you experiencing? Do you have strategies that others should know about? Can design decisions help us avoid or reduce these threats? Share your observations and experiences and hear what the experts think.


Dr. Richard Casagrande, URI;
Dr. Jennifer Forman Orth, MA Dept. of Ag. Resources;
Camilla Worden, Camilla Landscape Design, LLC
ELA Moderator: Kevin Staso, North Creek Nurseries

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