Design, Installation, & Maintenance

Design It

We are flexible

We schedule a no-charge appointment with you at your home. We’ll review your needs, walk your property, and listen to your concerns.

Together we determine if a sketch or a more comprehensive Master Plan is required.

Sketches are billed at $150 per hour. Generally, they take four to six hours.

Master Plans are detailed drawings of your site and include layout of walks, terraces, planting beds, pools and other amenities.

Learn more about our Master Plans below...

Plan it

We create comprehensive plans


All plants and construction materials are specified along with any necessary details. We meet with you once or twice during the design process.

Master Plan prices are determined by the size and complexity of the job, typically ranging from $2500 to $4500. If permits are needed, we offer you the option of obtaining them yourself or we bill separately for our time.

Build it

We are thorough

We supply top-quality plants and all other materials, as well as the expert labor to do the job. Since each site and installation will vary, we price according to your specific job conditions and material costs.


Meet with Camilla Landscape Design

To plan your next project. 

Taking Care

We want you to look good

We offer landscape maintenance programs to care for your landscape. For optimum care, we recommend yearly maintenance contracts. These may include services such as Spring and Fall Clean-up, fertilizing of garden beds and lawn areas, edging and mulching, pruning of trees and shrubs. We also offer plant health care such as insect and disease control, tick sprays, deer repellents and other services to protect your landscape investment.
Horticultural services may also be purchased on an hourly basis, plus materials.

Westchester County NY, Fairfield County CT
Putnam County NY, Litchfield County CT

Our Work

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